Fans Wants Vybz Kartel To Be Free Following The Not Guilty Verdict Of Cash Plus Boss

Dancehall fans have reignited their call on social media for Vybz Kartel to be freed following the return of a not guilty verdict n the case of Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill.

“All these wealthy uptown people getting away with murder and fraud, but because Vybz Kartel is a ghetto youth them send him to prison #FreeWorldBoss,” one fan wrote on IG.

“If Carlos Hill can walk free why is Kartel in prison, the system is so unfair,” another fan wrote

Last year the same sentiments were echoed following the controversial X6 murder case.

Carlos Hill was charged with fraudulently inducing persons to invest in Cash Plus, which collapsed in 2008 with more than $10 billion for over 40,000 investors.

According to the prosecutors, it would have been difficult to prove fraud against Hill because people from within the organization would have been needed to testify but none came forward.

Vybz Kartel appeal trial is scheduled for February 19, 2018.

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Always some ppl like Consuella Main try act like a angel when she’s a fuckin devil in disguise #FreeWorldBoss #GazaForever

Nuh gaza should remain behind bars

Free worlboss gaza fi life

Move you bomboclat you did see him