Fantan Mojah Says Jah Cure Is Still Is ‘Brother & Friend,’ After Apology

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah has formally addressed the altercation between himself and Jah cure in which a knife was alleged to have been pulled.

“Supposed mi did stab Jah Cure or him stab me? How that would look as rasta people? Like we don’t practice what we preach. I have no problem with Jah Cure, I forgive him, he called and apologise, maybe he is not going public with it, but I don’t have anything against him.” Fantan Moja said in an interview with Loop.

“He is still my singer, and a brother and a friend. He is a real youth, but I never expected that from him, Cure know say me three times as bad as him if a physical we a tek it. Mi nah study evil, ah me say Rasta Got Soul, so all my fans dem, and Jah Cure fans, I want you to know I forgive him,” Fantan Mojah adds.

Fantan Mojah says the incident occurred when Jah Cure approached him and accused him of disrespecting the Unconditional Love singer.

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a nyc dat breda,oneness rastafari

Jah Cure… you are a man that I personally know during your incarceration, so mek mi tell you this… a fuckery you a keep up Inna di musical fraternity since you gained your freedom… You need to understand yourself and put down the hype. Mi si seh you disgraced yourself… Read more »

One love jah bless

One love

Mi glad to know everything resolve now better for dem an their fans including myself