Flo Rida Says More Collabs Will Bring Greater International Exposure For Local Artistes

AMERICAN hip hop act Flo Rida recommends a greater level of collaboration between Jamaican artistes and their inter-national counterparts to ensure greater exposure for local music.The rapper, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, is one of two international acts booked for Reggae Sumfest next week Friday.
The 33-year-old offered his views in response to the Jamaica Observer queries about the current slump which reggae and dancehall is experiencing.

“That’s the great thing, when two artistes from different places can do a record together… That’s definitely a great way to get some international exposure,” he said.

He revealed he would love to collaborate with reggae singer Beres Hammond and will be exploring possibilities, adding that he is a fan of Jamaican music.

“I’m a fan of Buju. I’m a fan of you know Sean Paul, my brother Sean Kingston. I’m a fan of, you know like I said, Beres Hammond, and defi-nitely even those that’s not around anymore. The great Bob Marley. I’ve got a chance to work with Inner Circle you here in Miami,” Flo Rida told the Observer.

As for his debut Jamaican performance, Flo Rida, known for tracks such as Low, Right Round, Good Feeling and Whistle, is promising a high energy set at Sumfest.

“It being my first time there, I definitely better bring some super surprises. Always high energy, all of my records are like very high energy, so they can definitely get ready to sweat.”

He explained he has been planning a Jamaican vacation when he got the offer to perform at Reggae Sumfest

“I was like, wow! I get two-for-one. I get a chance to show my personal love and you know it’ll be my first time in Jamaica, so I was very excited to the point where I want to extend my stay.”

FloRida is currently completing an album which is set to hit the market in coming weeks.

“So far we’ve dropped a record, Tell Me When Your Ready featuring Future. We’ll be dropping a video this week and I have another record that’s coming out real soon with my boy Pitbull. It’s called I Can’t Believe It. We’re gonna drop the video same day as the song. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever done that so I’m definitely excited about the album… I’m just so excited,” he said

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