Foota Hype Delighted With Queen Ifrica Dissing Ishawna Over Miss Lou “bun dem mumma”

Well-known dancehall selector turn producer Foota Hype has taken to his Instagram page to support Queen Ifrica for lashing out on Ishawana at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

During Ifrica’s performance, she addressed the high levels of killing in Montego as well as blasting Ishawna for her “Tablecoth’ comment on Miss. Lou’s dressing.

“157 people dead inna Montego Bay since the start of the year. Wednesday gone, six people dead inna 72 hours. Everything alright inna Jamaica? Everything nuh alright inna Jamaica. Suh di I dem need to know fi show appreciation fi di people dem who a fight fi dis down here. Marcus Garvey, Miss Lou, Bob Marley.

“When a likkle girl feel like shi can bright enough and big enough fi dis icon like Miss Lou, di I dem must mek di I dem voice loud in disagreement.

“Unless we who we are as a people, Queen Ifrica and some other artiste haffi guh stop sing bout yah, because unuh nuh respect di culture nuh more,” Queen Ifrica uttered during her performance.

However, on Tuesday, Foota uploaded a photo with Ifrica, “Me and the fire mumma Queen Ifrica earlier she say morals and standards for females bun dem mumma.,” he said

Me and the fire mumma @queenifrica earlier she say morals and standards for females bun dem mumma.

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Wah kinda waist man this yuh a so u happy to see other people’s diss the mother of your child that mean u can’t love your child at all foota yuh pussy

Queen ifrika u an freaky foota go sit dung

True that

Regardless of what was said he have to remember that they have a child together and need to.have respect for one another

if pussy eater foota swipe Neva Ina it summo wrong him nuff but all wa gwan him cah get back ishwana