Foota Hype Still Heartbroken Over The Break-up With Ishawna

Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype has taken time out to reflect on his past and lament on how ungrateful people are to him.

Earlier today Foota took to his Instagram account to share a video from incarcerated Rapper Kevin Gates.

“I can relate to this shit had to repost sometimes I feel like I’ve been cursed to help wicked ppl my heart cry when they don’t return the love.” Footahype captioned.

It seems Foota might still be feeling some type of way over the break-up with Ishawna.

The “Equal Rights” singer ended the relationship in 2014 after dating for over nine years citing domestic abuse.

The DJ has since received a lot of love and support from his followers on his Instagram page.

“It’s so real and this world we living in now,there is hardly any such thing as real love and loyalty,people now a days are heartless to the real one’s that showed them true love and loyalty.” One fan wrote

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This need to just sit the hell down….. And getaway

Like really???

Lol..bredda yuh use Kevin gates, weh seh him eat ass.

Equal rights

Equal rights