Foota Hype Says Alkaline Caused Mavado To Flop At Sumfest And Paved The Way For Tommy Lee [Video]

Foota Hypes says Mavado flop because people wanted to hear Tommy Lee’s response to Alkaline calling his name. Thus said Mavado should have performed last.


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Suck yo mada humbre yah story tella nothing weh yah seh mi Nuh believed

Foota hype would a most av something to say make im go suck im mada

Him a get lame now, him jus a labba like a big p** y gal.

Them make Tommy Lee pro from last remember a mobay him come from

Dwl how Tommy Lee performance better humbre check alkaline performance him use up the stage more and him clarity did good den check Tommy Lee him did just stand one place neven utilise the stage properly and some time u cya even understand wtf him a say some clarity poor… Read more »