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Every body business him Ina,when anuh Marvin and Facebook hero business now a popcaan and Drake 😂…Him Just Too Damn Nuff And All The Attention Him A Look,Nuh Body Still Nah See Him

Badmine a go give u a bigga stroke, bcuz u c di youth rising to the top u make badmine take u over, every show popcaan go on with drake him getting pay, bcuz the world a c di youth dem vex, fuck a dem, dem heart a go fail… Read more »

Movado a suck DJ Khalid wood fi stay round him, the world know dat

No di whole Jamaica no c DAT, a u an u Badmine friend dem c DAT, mi c di youth a make moves to take him self out poverty, while a pure noise all a u a make, but bcuz di youth doing better Dan ur artist u catch Badmine,… Read more »

Bet all of who is commenting and showing off the ignorance behavior, most of them born 90s and 2000 dem can’t see further than them toe. Well come to the music industry artist will sell out to reach stardom that just the facts people. Fotta u right