Foota Hype Set To Take Legal Action Against Entertainment Show

Popular selector turn producer Foota Hype is today contemplating legal action of his own against popular entertainment show, Nightly Fix, just days after it emerged that he could be sued for comments he made regarding comedian Quite Perry.

“What I said (regarding Perry and the deceased Pottinger) is something that I saw. Him (Perry) and Dexter a di last two people me see roun dem one aneda when me go Carib. That’s not a lie, that’s a fact. You cannot sue people on a fact,” he said. “But if dem nuh remove da video deh off a dem site, me ago take serious action against them because dem tell multiple lie pan me. Dem say a whole heap a things weh me never say and weh me never do.” Foota Hype said regarding comments made by Naro and Arianne ‘Ari’ Hammond during their Nightly Fix programme on Monday.

In the meantime, Naro and Ari have continued to defend themselves even poking further fun at the “social media icon’ of the year in a video of them sarcastically apologizing.

“We understand that he does these things for attention. I’ll advise him to stop worrying about us and worry about the potential lawsuit he may be facing or aliens that may abduct him in the future,” Naro said in one of the videos.

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