Foota Hype Takes Aim At Alkaline: “Say Dem A Gallis & No Kno The Feeling Fi Create A Life”

Popular dancehall selector turn producer Foota Hype who is today celebrating his daughter’s birthday has taken the opportunity to throw shades at Alkaline.

“Some bwoy say dem a gallis and a talk bout extra lesson and nuh know dah feeling yah fi create life 😂😂😂 #adori day just born pic” Foota Hype captioned on Instagram

By now you all must know that vendetta deejay Alkaline did a collab with Sean Paul titled Gyalis Pro and also did a single last year titled Extra Lesson

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Go fuck yourself. Tht wid unnu, love take up ppl business put pon unnu head. Fucking looney tune

Foota hype waa bathe

Jodel Sean Nello perfect combo

Nello you nice you nuh Jah know

Don’t curse so much Jodel that’s weakness me too we have to strive to be better OK now let off a stream of rass bbbk get that bitch outta yu