Foota Hype’s ‘Classy’ Response To Bounty Killer’s ‘Stroke’ Comment

Dancehall selector turned producer directly respond to Bounty Killer on Instagram following claims by the veteran dancehall artiste that’Ishawna gave him stroke.’

On Tuesday, the “Warlord” shared a controversial quote of the day which read, “N****s out here will eat a** with no hesitation, but struggle to eat fruits and vegetables.”

During a heated exchange with a fan, Bounty Killer angered Foota Hype when he made reference to his previous relationship with Ishawna.

“Me and Foota having sex then you think? Don’t let me send you where visa doesn’t go my dear,” Killer responded to a fan. “Foota nyam Ishawna so until him tongue got stroke u blind.”

On Wednesday Foota Hype took to his Instagram and uploaded a snippet with “Nesbeth- Success Story” and tags bounty Killer in the caption.

“This one is for all my haters including @grunggaadzilla I will never stop winning” Foota Hype Wrote


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