Former Stripper From Vybz Kartel ‘Teacha’s Pet’ To Become Pilot

Stripper and former ‘Teacha’s Pet’ contestant Schinequa Anderson, aka New York, has recently completed her studies at the Broward College and ATA Flight School in Florida.

“My degree took four years … and trust me, I made more than enough money to study, feed my family, and feed myself. My goal was always to be a pilot, however, I am also a flight attendant and I recently graduated with my degree on May 17 as a commercial pilot,” She told The Star

Anderson was featured on Vybz Kartel’s 2011 hit reality sitcom “Teacha’s Pet” along with her twin sister “Brooklyn.”

She also revealed that she is required to complete an additional 1,500 hours at flight school before she is permitted to fly a commercial airline.

The former “teacha’s Pet” contestant said she has put stripping on pause but would return if she “needs something and can’t come by the money.”

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Ambition is priceless. It’s not where you coming from its where you going

Ambitious girl no matter wat .

She being a stripper doesn’t make her a bad person…… her survival is important n now she’s upgrading her self….. she’s not killing or stealing from anyone….. may God increase ur knowledge n perseverance so u can encourage other female like myself 2 be positive….

Miles high club pilot air hostes