Gage Diss Chronixx…Calls Him A ‘Dutty Rasta & Bandwagonist Hypocrite’ [Video]

Gage was responding to a comment Chronixx made a little over a week ago on his Instagram live after a fan asked him if he would do a collab with him…Chronixx said that he would not do a collab with Gage but later tell fans that he would do a collab with Vybz Kartel and named some other international artistes that he would do collabs with.

This obviously made Gage felt some type of way he as he questioned the reason behind Chronixx not wanting to do a collab with him during his recent interview on Nightly Fix. According to Gage some of the other artistes names that Chronixx called has far more outlandish music than him and also said Chronixx knows for a fact he has done several good songs.

Check out YouTube Vlogger ‘Amari Deraisx’ review in video above.

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Yea yea yea but at the end of the day gage nuh mek sense non at all not one song him do nuh relevant him a try build up wah di youth a try buck dung every artist fi a preach peace inna di music


Music is a mission a the message it’s all about not the artiste thou ‘guerrilla’ listen every artiste everybody has a voice bun up

Gage u bleach out u skin like a man u wa look u and diss u culture and now a try look a hype find some tune and calm dung youth

Bóotħë Fůlł Cħärgë no I don’t know him