Gage Instagram and Facebook page HACKED

Deejay Gage is reporting to fans that his Instagram and Facebook pages were hacked.

The Instagram and Facebook pages which had 22,800 and 68,000 followers respectively had blocked him out.

Gage said his pages were hacked into about five days ago, and felt the need to let the world know because of the content being posted on the social platforms.

“These people are also on a drive to get my accounts removed by the administration of both social networks by flagging my videos and reporting them as pornography,” the Throat deejay says.

The artiste also said his new accounts would allow him the control needed to modify and approve all content released.

At this point fans can stay in touch with Gage on social media via The Gage Almighty on Facebook and therealgagealmighty on Instagram.

But this is not slowing the artiste down. He is on a high after sold out shows in Trinidad and Tobago. Gage who is now based at Dutty Fridaze Promotion Studio, has been busy recording new hits.The artiste is also getting ready to shoot videos for his new singles, “Wish” and “Money Tree” a collaboration with himself and Rvssian.

Wish is expected to be released at the end of this month, while “Money Tree” will be released at a date to be announced.

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