Gage Mistaken For Vybz Kartel On The Recent Feature Of ‘Before They Were Famous’

Incarcerated dancehall artist Vybz Kartel real name Adidja Palmer became the first dancehall artist to be featured on the TV show “Before They Were Famous.”

Host Michael McCrudden did a feature on the incarcerated dancehall star’s rise to stardom from his childhood days to becoming a household name both in Jamaican and in the global dancehall space.

The show revealed a lot of details about the artist that most fans would know, however, there was a point in the clip where recording artist Gage picture was mistakenly shown for Vybz Kartel.

If one watch closely from minute 2:56 to 3:00 they will recognize that the image shown is actually that of the ‘kitty cat’ deejay Gage.

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Is true when I saw it all I could do was laugh…. Ah so me know the boy them idolize the teacher…

Facts lol i was like damn they mistaking him for #Vybz lol

Nothing wrong he respects vybz kartel alot he wants to be like him and he don’t deny it like the other artists and vybz kartel approved him as a good artist…#beng!!..#gaza

I saw it… What a hell of a mistake… Or is it… That’s what happens when try to be someone you are not… It could have been a terrible mistake, if you see what I mean.