Gage’s ‘Throat’ single played at Trini funeral

A funeral in Trinidad has sent shock to online viewers after the six pall-bearers were filmed on camera dancing to Gage’s ‘Throat’ single while carrying the casket.

A two-minute and forty-second clip showing an excerpt from the funeral, has been circulating online, with many criticising the behaviour of the pall-bearers.

In the clip, an undisclosed DJ seated in a moving car played the raw version of Throat, with a group of T-shirt wearing male pall-bearers grooving to the dancehall beat.

To the shock of some viewers, no member of the funeral proceeding made any attempt to stop the song from playing. Even elderly persons and children were seen moving to the beat, while others chanted the punchline ‘dung inna yu throat’.

Several soca songs were also played by the DJ, however, at the sound of Gage’s controversial song, the audience erupted with excitement. Some viewers of the clip, however, were not pleased.

Lyrical content

A viewer commented, ” No sense at all, madness.”

“The act of celebrating the death is far from my concern. But my concern lies within the lyrical content of the song they played. A funeral crowd will consist of the young and old … What about the children that were there? What about the respect for the elderly folks? C’mon people, the edited/clean version of the song could have been played instead of the raw version, hence I described it as ratchet,” another viewer commented.

Another viewer stated, ” Make sure dat DJ don’t play any music wen I’m dead. Kids and grandparents and they’re playing that?”

THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Gage’s manager for comment on the video. However, he was unavailable to speak at news time. He did, however, confirm on Wednesday, that Gage is aware of the funeral video.

This is not the first time the song has raised eyebrows in Trinidad. The song was highlighted last year by Trinidadian comedian Rachel Price during one of her stand-up performances. She said the song was so infectious that females were eating the pants off entertainers.

“Little boy, nothing you have not passing my throat, it aint even passing my (expletive) space teeth,” she warned.

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