Ghost is out of the dark, Returns with new song and video “No Feelings”

Ghost is out of the shadows with hot song and video No Feelings distributed by Stephen, Julian, and Damian Marley’s Ghetto Youth International. It is an original song written from the experience of a close friend who was experiencing issues in his relationship. Directed by Simeon Hedge, he does a sterling job in interpreting the song through video. The song is also produced by Ghost with a chart-hitting sound.

Here Ghost explains how the song came about, “While I was listening to a track, my friend dropped by, bawling because of a domestic problem at home with his woman. She started cheated on him and he found out, through footage from a surveillance camera he had in the house.” No Feelings, captures the dynamic feeling and heartbroken emotion behind being betrayed and hurt by someone that you love.

Words from No Feelings expressed here, “I remembered the time when I needed you, now I don’t need you no more. I remember the time when I wanted you, now I don’t want you no more.” Using people’s experiences and writing songs can often make a good hit. According to Ghost, “That is what makes a good song, when you can take a story or true experience and turn it into a song that people can relate to.”

No Feelings is apart of an album that Ghost is working on with stalwart producer Mikie Bennett. With a catalogue of 7 albums, Ghost’s work is a collective of solo and combination work with former group Monster Shack Crew and songs as a solo artist.

Known for taking commercial R&B songs and putting a Ghost spin on it, he has created a number of wonderful reggae versions always giving the song justice and a dynamic mark making it his own. Love You, his third solo album was on the Billboard Reggae Charts spending over 6 weeks at number one on the charts. and received numerous accolades.

Building a niche market and having ladies swoon all over him, Ghost chooses cover songs that touch people and create amazing impressions on his fans. He also has to love the words and the meaning of the song. Ghost knows how to express himself and his voice, where he owns the song. He has mastered it and has gotten people’s attention for many years through the power of his gifted voice.

Ghost originates from Downtown, Mathews Lane in Kingston, Jamaica. His mother is from Rocky Point, Clarendon where he also considers home. Music is in his soul, he can’t help but be an expression of music. A music veteran in the industry, he is ready more than ever to reconnect with his fans internationally. He has one of the most unique and memorable voices in reggae and it is exhibited through No Feelings.

Ghost has been singing since the age of 3. He was influenced by Bob Marley and Michael Jackson and could be seen on the corner as a child singing for his community. He has truly one of the most distinct and unique voices in Reggae music, with creative and harmonious melodies that always keep him relevant. Currently, No Feelings is available on every digital platform for purchase.
SOURCE: Publicist, Olimatta Taal

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