Ginjah Hits Out On The “Violence Against Women and Children”

The Yardhype team caught up with reggae artiste Valentine Fraser (Ginjah) at the Bob Marley 72nd birthday celebration yesterday February 6 at the Bob Marley museum Old hope Rd in Kingston. Besides from paying tribute to the great reggae icon impact on the music, Ginjah use the initiate to express his disgust of the present violence against “our black women and child” which has become frequent in the Jamaican society.

“Right now I’m feeling sad and blue. Reason why is the odious crime against black woman and child.” Ginjah said.

This plight is something that Ginjah have been advocating against for years now through his music. In a 2015 song titled Paedophile he sings about “child molesters” getting punish but he won’t take the law into his own hands.

Ginjah told Yardhhype that, “Jamaicans home and a broad should unite. What I’m seeing really is a break down in our society where the term, brothers and sisters keeper is no longer relevant. we have to get back to basic and value the rudiments of life which is love and respect and good moral and principles. What I saw since of lately people lost they character.”

“The same ones that suppose serve and protect they are a part of what’s going on. our environment is so polluted is not funny. when kids can’t Even get the chance to grow then we all must understand. Something is awfully wrong..yard hype,I have three kids and I’m worried every day. can’t help thinking how wicked these men are because they are raping and killing our kids.” He adds

Over the past few months there have been an upsurge in violence against women and children in the Jamaican society.

In the meantime Ginjah promises a good 2017 for his fans with an upcoming album presently in the making.

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