God urges Dolla Koin to fuse gospel music with dancehall beats

Sean Simms is praying his debut single “God God God” can help listeners to get closer to Christ.

Released in November, God God God is produced by New Me Records and has an accompanying video.
The born again deejay, who performs under the alias Dolla Koin, said with his new found relationship with God, he decided to use his talent to glorify God and to spread the good news of the gospel through the power of music.

“I’m feeling blessed and thankful that I have the opportunity to enlighten others about the truth of the gospel of Christ because a lot has been lost in traditions,” said Dolla Koin.

Dolla Koin mentioned the feedback so far has been encouraging.
“I’m very pleased about this song because, it is glorifying God as well as it is motivating others to do what’s right, showing love and trust in GOD,” he said.

Born in the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, the emerging gospel artiste attended Camperdown High School.

He said he realized that gospel music was his calling when he took a two year break from the music to focus on other events that had occurred along his musical journey.

“During this time, I rekindled my love relationship with God, spending time reading the bible and responding to the calling to serve him,” he said.

He whole-heartedly intends to share the joy of the Lord whilst inspiring others to reach out to Him. With his love for dancehall rhythms and his desire to sing conscious lyrics, he made the willful decision to fuse gospel music with dancehall beats.

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