GRAPHIC: Beenie Man’s Brother Allegedly Shot & Killed [Video]

Watch Beenie this of alleged to be of Man’s Brother Shot & Killed. Could his life have been saved with QUICKER MEDICAL HELP?

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I don’t feel sorry for him. He gun down my friend Bogle and killed him at the gas station on his bike. They should of been got him back. Showa ti the world

A nuh really that mi soja but them afi show the people them wats going on,an let us be more carful,turble ting


Yea I feel what everyone is saying about helping but ina place like that u have to be careful those men r from right there u help save a life and then see u on the video saving him then them come kill u all ppl do these days is… Read more »

Truly sad,everyone is intent on making a video out of the situation, God help us in this time kmt!!