GRAPHIC: Police release Kenneka Jenkins dead body in freezer PHOTOS

More speculations arise over 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins’ death after the release of her crime scene photos by the police yesterday. According to a statement from the Rosemont Public Safety Department Kenneka’s death was ruled as an “freak accidental death.” But, Kenneka’s family’s lawyer Larry Rogers Jr. is not accepting the Safety Department cause of death findings and asking questions.

“Numerous requests for any and all videos and photos showing Ms. Jenkins going into the freezer of her own volition have not been forthcoming, and quite frankly raise more questions than answers as to how and why Ms. Jenkins was found in the condition in which she was located,” the attorneys also said.

Kenneka Jenkins was recorded on surveillance cam in Hotel Kitchen… teen found in freezer [Video]

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Killl dem kill the little girl and put her in there dem think ppl a fool, too much evidence on those tape and all now no one has been arrested come on man the hotel and the police a cover up Something

A bet say if a did want white girl sumbody would get lock up already these pple don’t like us n still we a run back a dem all now u guys can’t lock up sumbody n evedence is there

This young girl was murdered, and her friends know what happened.

Her hair looks like she was fighting

This story is so fishy