Gully Bop And A’mari Getting Married soon

Gully Bop had enough of the arguments and fights in his life. Recently it has been reported that there was a video showing two women arguing about him. So in order to put an end to the wifey/matey problem, he has asked A’mari his girlfriend, to marry him in September in the UK. By that time his teeth might be fixed, as there could be plans for that in the pipeline. The announcement about the marriage has been made and it seems as though plans are being put in place.

As Bop will be 52 years old when his next birthday comes and A’mari is 45 and the couple says, it is time to settle down and focus on making their future bright. A’mari did not mind that the proposal was not done in the traditional way, Bop did not get down on one knee, but she only has her mind set, on having a good relationship with her man. As their relationship has been getting better every day and they don’t think they will be leaving each other for the rest of their lives. They have started referring to each other as husband and wife already. So they said why not take the next step, and make it formal. So everyone can see that they are serious about their relationship.

There were suggestions that they should do a video, to show Bop on his knee proposing to A’mari, but the couple didn’t want too much publicity at the time. Even though their marriage might end up being a part of a reality show, as they had plans to sign a contract, to be in a reality show at that time of the year. Gully Bop said, “he is not looking for anything else in life, he has a fluffy woman, who will keep him warm. And it is time for him to live like a man, he wants to greet his wife when he goes home and stop living like a boy. He is tired of checking to see if his woman is having an affair with someone else, and start living a decent life, like a big man.”

So look out for the newly wed’s soon, they will be the real deal, living a simple life with each other. They don’t like anything fake and they might not be putting all of their business on social media. But Bop is ready to show A’mari how much he loves her every day, and it looks like they will be having a perfect marriage one day.

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