Gully Bop looks to clear the air

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop has addressed allegations made by a YouTube uploader that he was disrespectful to the person who crashed into his car recently during a video rant, in which Gully Bop described the car as having no insurance and being outdated.

In a lengthy video uploaded on YouTube, the seemingly upset man levelled several insults at Gully Bop.

“Gully Bop yu ugly nuh (expletive), it come een like Chin a fly up inna yu (expletive).” he stated along with disparaging comments about Gully Bop’s mother.

Gully Bop in a response video cleared the air on the issue and also stated that he was unfairly insulted by the man, also said to be a promoter.

“Just coming out of an accident mi express my feelings and I could have expressed it a little better … Right now, mi nuh rate yu fi a sey dat about me, you don’t know anything about my mother. But your talk can’t go anywhere, you not even show your face, suh stay behind di fence nuh matter how much bad comment yu mek the world still love mi,” Gully Bop said.

Gully Bop’s manager, Shauna Chin, also had some clarity to the controversy. She said persons involved in motor vehicle accidents aren’t generally happy during the ordeal and Gully Bop was simply a regular person expressing his frustration because he could have been severely injured.


“We found out that the other car that crashed into us wasn’t insured nor was the papers straight. The driver was rushing and could have killed us. Now tell me, who wouldn’t be upset about that? Every driver have problems and everybody cuss when they are upset. But Gully Bop is the furthest from being hype. Right now him still wah climb ackee tree same way and dem regular things deh,” she said.

According to Chin, the video of Gully Bop venting about the accident was edited and uploaded to stimulate controversy.

“The persons who did the video also cut out the parts where Gully Bop was saying good things and only highlighted the negative part. That is why we won’t be doing no more interviews with them. We have spoken and I told him he has to be careful what he says to the media, because it can make you and break you,” Chin told The STAR.

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