Gully Bop might get deported from USA… Now out on Bail

Gully Bop and his ex-girlfriend A’Mari have been involved in a dispute again, and this time he might end up being deported to Jamaica when the case is finished. 

But for now, he is out on bail for $1200.00, this happened on Thursday evening, following his arrest at the John F Kennedy Airport on Wednesday. He was there waiting to board a flight, but the charges laid against him are serious. As A’Mari claims that she was assaulted by him, and he has been slapped with robbery and abuse charges.

A’Mari posted a video on social media in which she said “she was sleeping when the detective called her and told her that they had apprehended Gully Bop”. She says “even though she had sent out warnings to tell him to get in touch with her, she never heard from him.”

Now Gully Bop might be deported after the next Court hearing as the charges laid against him are quite serious. His fans have been blasting A’Mari on Social Media, they say she has been trying to ruin the Deejays career. But A’Mari says Bop stole her passport and her green card when they had a dispute and he was already facing charges of child endangerment, possession of a deadly weapon and assault.

Now Bop will be restricted, he won’t be able to travel outside of the US and this will affect his earnings. We can only hope that this feud between him and A’Mari can come to an end before his career is totally destroyed.

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