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Love has no color so what if he has a white girl I dnt believe there is nothing wrong with having a woman or man from a different nation love is love its not black white pink brown be some of us are so quick to judge people when we… Read more »
Most of the white race don’t like black people, and what I notice is when a black man is rich and famous he doesn’t want a dark skin woman, he wants a “browning,” or white woman. In America and other parts of the world black people are hated just because… Read more »

Love z look.. Whether u r black or white love does not care. As long as u r happy am happy for u. Color does not have nothing to do with ur personality..

Stfu.. Ignorant fool that’s what u r. Weather a person is black or white its their personalities that counts. U black fools only knows how to bash each other.. Its fools like u white woman take overseas n beat because of money.. U would bow down for little or nothing.… Read more »

Hello miss stop kiss mi man