Happy Birthday KING Bob Marley… B-day Bash + New Weed String

Today February 6 is the birthday of reggae legend Bob Marley, who, before he died too young at 36, made some of his best music the world ever heard. If the legend was alive Bob Marley would have turned 71 years old today.

bob marley celebration
Bob Marley’s birthday celebration will be on 02/06/2016
Kingston, Jamaica @ Bob Marley Museum

56 Hope Road
Kingston 6

Bob Markey’s association with weed culture is well documented in the lyrics to his songs. “Excuse me while I light my spliff, good God I gotta take a lift,” he sang on his track ‘Easy Skanking’ released in 1978 on his album Kaya. Now it seems only fitting that his ethos lives on through his new herbal remedies.

“If my father was here physically, he would be up front advocating for this plant, so we are very proud to put our Marley Natural brand out there,” said the singer’s second oldest son to Billboard.

The new brand is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. “Our team has visited hundreds of farms around the world, learning all about growing processes and different strains, trying to find the best quality cannabis there is,”says Marley Natural Product Manager Tahira Rehmatullah. “Our goal is to work with all local farmers in every jurisdiction where we are offering cannabis.”

The new pot brand will first be available at three exclusive locations in Los Angeles – Buds & Roses, Green Goddess and LAPCG – before eventually expanding to other locations. Be sure to visit these shops on Feb. 6th and celebrate what would have been Bob’s 71st birthday.

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