Hashim – Free Up “Soca 2015”

listen and watch Official Lyric Video from Hashim – Free Up [Soca 2015] . …FREE UP!
Such a basic element of Carnival. A time to release one’s inhibitions and celebrate life to the sweet sounds of soca. This is the reason why British Virgin Islander, Hashim, has chosen these words as the title for his first release of the Trinidad 2015 Carnival season.
Describing his experience of invading multiple Mas Bands on the road in the Trinidad Carnival last year, Hashim exclaims and reminds us with this ballad that causing Bacchanal for Carnival is our natural instinct as Caribbean people.
In this Soca/Fusion Produced by Darrell Fahie (Tortola, B.V.I), Mixed and Mastered by AdvoKit Productions (Recorded at Creation Nation Studios), Hashim will leave you captivated and ready to “Free Up” with your favourite Mas Band this Carnival!!!

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