Haskell Changes name to Sekuence

The international reggae/dancehall artiste who was popularly known as Haskell has announced a name change. The artiste will now be going by the name Sekuence. The reason behind the name change he says came about after a serious consultation with his publicist and his management team who advised him to do a name change because the name didn’t reflect the image and the personality of the artiste.

Sekuence said, “After careful consideration my team and I decided with the name Sekuence. I have been thinking about a name change for some time now but it wasn’t until my publicist Nackesha Doyley, suggested it to me that I really took it serious. Everyone in the business knows the importance of image and branding, and so I said to the artiste, why not do a name change, because the name Haskell, conflicts with your image.

The name that he has chosen, Sekuence, I think better suits him.” Said Nackesha Doyley The “Emotions” artiste expressed how happy he is about the name change. He has been using the name Haskell since 2009 and has accomplished a lot with that name but “It’s time to move forward and elevate to higher eights.”

The artiste who has been tirelessly working to establish himself as a mainstream says that it is always work for him. His recently released song “Have You Ever been Loved,” has been

getting a good airplay in the US and the Caribbean. This is the first song the artiste has released under his new name, Sekuence and the song is produced by Zionnoiz Freeze Record, based in Jamaica

“There is a whole lot more to come from Sekuence, lots of good music for my fans as always. My PR Team MIA Production has been working around the clock, so look out for the name, Sekuence.

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