Here Is The Reason Why Vybz Kartel Cuts Shenseea From Loodi & Released Original Version

Incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel has released a new version of the single “Loodi” along with the claim that his song with Shenseea was never a collaboration.
The solo single was released yesterday (April 24th) on Vybz Kartel Official YouTube channel.

“My song was never a collaboration!” Vybz Kartel wrote in the description of the single on YouTube which was produced by So Unique Records.

According to The Tropixs sources disclose that “Vybz Kartel didn’t agree to the Romeich Entertainment artist being on the track and that cause a feud between himself and So Unique Records’ Elvis Redwood last year.”

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No one never know shensea a one song she ave and a the boss song a kartel mek people know her she don’t give the man respect so that’s y this happened she don’t rate the teacher shensea don’t ave any sense she is a fool to try look down… Read more »

music is a business and kartel has kids to is he gonna feed his family if people are using his songs,lyrics and hardwork for their own benefits and di man nuh get anything from it

Govern yo ting addi

World boss

Gaza nation