Host Of Dancin’ Dynamite Jenny Jenny is pregnant

Media personality Jenny Jenny is pregnant with her first child at age 37. According Jenny Jenny, to be pregnant at her age might be strange for some women, however all her personal decisions are orchestrated.

however all her personal decisions are orchestrated.

“I don’t do anything without planning, but now I am ready and that is my focus right now, age 37 is a long wait in comparison to some women but I was not ready until now,” she said.

Jenny Jenny disclosed that much of her years was spent developing her brand and her businesses and a child was not at the top of her immediate plans.

“I was busy doing productions and starting my company to ensure that when I had a child I can support my child, but then again some women have different focus, but I wanted to ensure that I was ready and now I feel like I am at that stage,” she said.

The baby is expected to be born in September and according to Jenny Jenny, even the birth month was planned.

“The baby is due in my month which is September and that was also planned. I made sure to do my thing (conceive) in December, so even that was planned,” she said.

Jenny Jenny says she will not do an ultrasound to ascertain the baby’s gender, and this is deliberate in an attempt to maintain that element of surprise.

“I don’t know the gender because I want a healthy surprise. I am also prepared to do tests to ensure that the baby is healthy … trust both God and science,” she laughed.

As it relates to her hectic schedule, Jenny Jenny also disclosed that she has plans to get a new host for her popular TV show Dancin’ Dynamite, depending on the response of the show’s fan base.

“My pregnancy won’t affect the show because the show ends in May; however, as women, we tend to be very unpredictable, so right now I am co-hosting with Weezy so that the audience can get familiar with her in that capacity. If the response is good, she might host the show … we respect the feedback of the audience because the show is loved and we value the audiences opinion,” she said.

Dancin’ Dynamite will be hosted in Negril this week at the Burger King plaza.

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