How Rich Is Usain Bolt?… The Real Net Worth [Video]

With Usain Bolt’s estimated net worth of $60,000,000, it’s no wonder he’s won 8 Olympic gold medals, owns a Nissan GT-R and bears the media-given nickname, the “Lightening Bolt.” With that being said, welcome to The Real Net Worth, where we explore your favorite celebrities, businesses, properties and all other assets in between, so let’s begin and take a closer look at, Usain Bolt’s Real Net Worth.


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Any man that was born in Jamaica is valued more than a1000 millions but any man that someone can pay him to wear a ladies dress is worth noting that’s what my grandfather said.

Need a chance to g

4 – 6 billion $JA… 40 – 50 million $US…

100 Jamaican $, lol…m