I-Nation Meets Black Sabbath Sound Vol.1 The Oracle [Mixtape]

Inna Roots-Dub-Reggae Stylee, I-Nation “the Book Man” links with Wadadah-II from Black Sabbath Sound in a joyous and informative musical endeavor. The first of its kind this mixtape is an array of 33 conscious musical selections by Wadadah-II accompanied by informative & thought provoking reasoning by
I-Nation “the Book Man.” If you love Roots-Reggae and Dub mixed with conscious reasoning, this is for you.

Give thanks for this works of I-Nation & Wadadah-II. May it reach the hearts, the soul, the mind, spirit and will of the people and stir them in a new divine… A new long and mighty walk with the sun…

Give thanks to all who made this possible and most of all our ancestors and the Most High Jah RasTafari, Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen I the Balance Divine..

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