I-Octance Here On The Streets Selling Soup With His Mom

I-Octane hit the streets on Friday (April 21st) to sell soup with his mother. In a recent interview with The Star the hot Ras singer disclose that his mother is still a vendor in spite of his musical success.

“My mother’s reality is her vending and that is it. She is not short of money or anything, but she used all her teenage years supporting us through vending. So, despite the fact that I have a three storey house for my home, I have money and I gave her one floor for herself, she still doesn’t want to come there. She is a rebel. She likes her lifestyle. She enjoys her friends and her vending. That is what makes her happy,” he said.

By the looks of things, it is evident that in spite of his mom unwillingness to quit her vending he gives her his full support.

Selling with mom- PAM❤ #loveandlife. I-Octane wrote next to a picture he posted on Instagram

Selling with mom- PAM❤ #loveandlife

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Blessings mi bredda mama Pam pon dii hustling the way Shi like it out a road wii seh.

Thats very good .. So proud of himnuff love

She doesn’t want to do that….

She find love in it her son find out she can’t stop her so him join her

Love that look,, down to earth respect growing higher than mountain. Up with that youth heart clean.