International Singjay “X-amount”, One To Look Out Far

International Singjay Reggae Artiste, X-amount is popping with style & rhythm; a unique blend of dancehall, lovers rock, and culture under the umbrella of one sound. Born and Raised in New York X-amount has achieved radio promotion on Jamaica’s IRIE FM, ZIP 103, HITZ 92 FM along with a plethora of radio stations throughout the island. The young Artiste is no stranger to Jamaica. Popularly known in Port Antonio for stage appearances with King Yellowman, Lady G, Macka Diamond & Anthony Cruz has gained him a sizzling start to a now stronger fan base across the island.

Ensuring that a solid foundation was laid, X-amount’s father introduced him to the sounds of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Steel Pulse & Gregory Isaacs- just to name a few. His grandmother often told him, “We are a peculiar people,” referring to those who had high cheek bones, slanted eyes, long straight hair and who were one of the first native inhabitants of the Caribbean. Amongst her attributions to X-amount’s life is her effectiveness in empowering him as a young Reggae Artiste and helping him
become confident in his cultural and personal identity.

Although his name is commonly used in a phrase, he has made it clear to the world that there are no limitations or boundaries to his musical creative process. The name X-amount came to him at a stage in his life when he realized that with help from a higher power, he could be enabled to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond his wildest imagination. X-amount has been known amongst his peers and family for his many diverse talents; ranging from writing, producing, engineering, and promoting his own music while designing graphics and managing his own audio consulting business.

In the fall of 2012, while designing flyers at a local print shop in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, he met Derval Murphy also known as “Partypage JA” a young entrepreneur and island wide promoter who later took X-amount under his management. With new ambitions and dreams, X-amount is “popping again” with his current Kingston, Jamaica release of “PowerPack Vol.4- Pop
Again” Hosted and mixed by Jamaican Dj Mixtapeyardy. The 15-song compilation is his fourth release making X-amount responsible for the creation of almost 58 songs to date not including unreleased material.

Zipped album download link here:   Download button yardhype

X-amount has established a solid stream of credibility & respect. His delivery is tight and the message is clear, there is more to his name than the hype that surrounds it. No matter how hard they try to set the limit he is revered within the industry as the one and only…X-amount caah count!

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