Is Bounty Killer Gearing Up For A Big Lyrical Confrontation?…

Once a ‘Killa’ always a ‘Killia,’dancehall superstar and veteran Bounty Killer A.K.A ‘World Lord’ is in the mood to kill a fellow.

“REAL BUMBOCLAATH BAD MAN LYRICS HEARSELY CRIMES⚰️ NOT NURSERY RHYMES WHO OR WHICH ARTISTE WAAH DEAD MI GUN DEM HUNGRY A LONG TIME MI NUH MASH UP A CAREER OR BUILD A DUPPY MI WAR UGLIER THAN CHUNKY!! Dem Weak Weak Weak A Pure Gun Salute When DI General Shoot Inna Warr Booth🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫… “…Killa posted on Instagram next to the audio of his hit song “Art of War”

Not so long ago the War Lord was in a good mood when he paid homage to Popcaan on his success with the virtual British band Gorillaz.

The band had released its single titled Saturn Barz (Spirit House), which features the vocal talent of ‘unruly boss’ Popcaan. The video garnered over three million views in its first 48 hours which made it the biggest debut for a virtual reality (animated) music video in YouTube’s history.

“WORLD HIT MI GRAND PICKNEY A GO HARD A ROAD: Tune mad madder @gorillaz @popcaanmusic #staturnzbarz. “Di system force mi fi b ah killa jus like Rodney Price”

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