Ishawna being “Bashed and Praised” after asking for “HEAD” in new freaky song

Female dancehall diva Ishawna finds herself in a bother of controversy after releasing “Equal Rights” song aka (Shape Of You Remix) 2017. In this new release Ishawna takes aimed at the typical Jamaican Men who are against performing oral sex. This is a bold move, the first of any female dancehall artiste.

Ishawna says “bumpa to your forehead, show mi wat yo tongue can do… if you wah head my youth yuh affi suck this” and many more head turning lines.

Fellow Dancehall Diva Danielle D.I. made sure to voice her opinion on the matter… See below

#Ishawna getting bash for #Equalrights

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These were some of the re-actions on YOUTUBE

Listen to full song below and express your opinions in the comments…

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So what if she is asking for head in a song ? How comes the males can sing about getting heads from women and get away with it. What good for the goose is good for the gander. Kudos to you I Shawn for being brave

Look I’m not a fan of her but seriously what is wrong with these men and woman behaving like dem innocent people saying keep it in bed as if she on TV a suck a cock look how much a dem sing about one said everytime him fuck him cocky… Read more ยป

I don’t have a problem if a girl dont suck my cocky I only want to fuck that all.

A dat mi a seh is like it a beat dem rass all of a sudden everyone a dead

Tru tru