Ishawna Blast Footahype Amidst Lincon 3dot Feud & Includes His Father

Dancehall artiste Ishawna took to social media on Wednesday to blast her baby father Footahype for constantly calling her name to get ‘hype.’

Footahype and Lincoln 3dot is currently feuding over claims made by the recording artiste that Footahype and his deejay Fullly Bad was assaulted by police.

Footahype, swiftly refuted those claims while adding that Lincoln 3dot told him in his face that he slept with Ishawna.

Foota’s comments resulted in his ‘Equal Rights’ baby mother disrespecting both he and his father on Instagram.

“Foota u can’t get no hype off me! Yuh stale now, Guh suck yuh father weh a suffer a cassava peice and a drive shuttle taxi and come off my f**kin name.” Ishawna wrote.

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Everytime him want people fe see him the girl name huv fe call up, is like if him nu mention her name nobody na go chat bout him,why him always huv fe call her name???? I dont always agree with everything she say but along time dem lef, get over… Read more »

Very good ishawna foota fi gweh

That line should have read…. ” that these two adults are the parents to a child”…..
one more thing you give respect you get respect , it takes two & you cannot expect the woman not to respond after a while , enough is enough

Grow up nw little girl u only have 1 youth worst a boy pitney just chill out before ur son grow an answer u worst than u think foota hype would. After separation no youth want that from dem mother an father just bill now an stop try pleasing social… Read more »

She said, ” go suck you father”.. oh shoot!!