Ishawna Claps Back At Miss. Kitty Says Her Body “Waah Do Ova”

On Sunday (June 23) Ishawna took to her Instagram Live to interact with her fans and also responds to the disrespect aimed at her by Miss. Kitty.

Ishawna angered fans she said made a post on her Instagram saying “Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou,” Ishawna wrote. “#RipMissLou,” she added.

Since then she has received backlash from fans and including Miss Kitty who addressed the comment at Reggae Sumfest 2017 on Dancehall Night.

“Nuh dish towel cyaa diss Miss Lou… big up gal weh can read and write and these things,” Kitty told the audience.

However, Ishawa seems she is not rolling over and respond to Miss. Kitty On her Instagram Live

. “Mi a stress dem all Summer 2017, dem a throw shade but dem still cyaa shine……,” she told fans. “Miss Kitty say mi dunce? Alright, that’s cute her body wan do…. her body wan do over, a that she fi guh worry bout…”

“She suppose to wear bandana, mi seh no table cloth a that mi seh, mi nuh really response.” Ishawna added.

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Ummm….kitty body wah do over?? Like seriously?? Damn she have her money can do it but you’re wasting your money…you are the true definition of pretty dunce ishawna bye… Kmt

Ishwana the “illeterate grown woman” speacking again her full knowledge to the world like “u ugly”. Wow powerful for your fans. Queen of the uneducated young gena of ja. Nice

Like I said before ,it takes lots of WHORES to defend another illiterate whore.

Big up miss kitty the fluffy deva brains we deal wid beauty is only skin deep,miss kitty all the way ,humanity and brains, anyone beauty can fade in the twinkle of an eye ,we must show respect to each other.

Ishawna is fucking out of order she not even hot like Miss Ketty blank dem weh Miss Ketty a fire mush less fi Inna Miss Ketty class, Ishawna yuh too rude yuh need to apologize.