Ishawna Diss Lincoln 3Dot & Leaks Screen Shots After He Lied About The Two Having Sex

Social media sensation Lincoln 3dot now turn recording artiste has been exposed by Ishawna after he alleges in his song that he had sex with her which led to her beating from FootaHype.

The song titled “Dem Ah Pree” is a diss song aimed at Footahype which was released yesterday.

“Weh mi do F**k yo girl the first day mi meet ar, put a hickey pan ar neck mek yo beat ar, she say equal rights and justice so we done know a long time yo did a eat ar,” Lincoln sings

This triggered an angry response from Ishawna who addressed the issue on Instagram and also shared some screen shots of a conversation between her and Lincoln 3dot over the single.

“The things we as women have to go through!!!!! Ladies what do we call men weh tell lie pon pussy again????? Mi nuh want nuh BOY or GAL feel like dem can ramp wid mi and tell mi sorry!!!!!! There’s NOTHING worst than a man that tell lies on women!!! STAY OFF MY NAME!!!! Mi sick and tired a unu now!!!! @lincoln3dot @footahypemusic #DoBetter #EqualRights” Ishawna wrote

The beef between 3dot and Foota Hype started a few days ago when the recording artiste claimed during an Instagram live session that Foota and his artiste Fullybad was assulted by police. This triggered a war of words between the two which led to the lies told by 3dot in his diss song for Foota.

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Some a uno must born wid pussy under uno bcuz me waan know y uno a carry feelings fi the gal low the gal alone fuck never kill nobody yet Lincoln 3dot cah get no hype offa ishawna upset a must batty hole uno born outta

Unu fi leave d gal alone mek she strive

Neva hear him say him fuk r till foota say it…..

kitty feelings dem a carry

And the song don’t even sound good. A so the dutty man stay, use woman name to look a hype. Smh