Ishawna Gets Support From Her Dad Amidst ‘Equal Rights’ Firestorm

Dancehall artiste Ishawna has received support from her father amidst the controversies surrounding her latest single ‘Equal Rights.’

Don Angelo, the father of Ishawna, in an interview with the Star, revealed that producers are sometimes to be blamed for the songs being released.

“Record producers are the ones who are calling the shots. When Shawna went back to Jamaica and took up music full-time, she recorded some good songs that sounded sweet like Beyonce, but nobody paid her any attention. Is not until she started singing songs like Equal Rights that she started getting any ratings. A lot of time is the producers who control what song are released. If anything is the producers who have to take the blame. Anything to make their label stay on top they will do,” Don said.

“Years ago DJ General Echo sang about bathroom sex and man and woman danced to it without a problem. Cecile, Lady Saw and Gage also sang some of those type of songs and nobody say much if anything. At the end of the day what Shawna [Ishawna] is doing is just entertainment … Its not that serious and the ladies support her anyway,” He adds

Angelo says he supports his daughter in whatever direction she decides as she is smart enough to call her shots.

Don Angelo, who has been living in New York since 1996, is an original raga muffin dancehall reggae singer.

Since moving to the United States, he has recorded countless songs for different producers, including deejay Super Cat. Several of them are ‘combinations’ with acts like Baby Wayne (Ebony Eyes) and Jah Mason (No Limit).

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You never said it better 👍

Low di woman dem mek dem get dem equal rights 😛😛😛

But alkaline and kartel huv been singing slack songs fe years, alkaline sing bout him want BATTYWASH & kartel sing sa him love wen him get him dick suck, so how cum nu body never try style dem bout slackness??? So its only wrong wen a female sing it????

Yes in us it slack bt then jamaica need to stop following the us cz their reputation is at stake ….the us does not care cz trump already made us worst lol

When it comes to slackness u USA have that lock lol