Ishawna Interview On Receiving Oral Sex Is The No. 1 Trending On Youtube

Dancehall artiste Ishawna interview with Sway’s Universe is currently the number one trending video on YouTube.

Since its upload three days ago the video has racked up over One hundred thousand streams. During the interview, Ishawna speaks about her recent hit single ‘Equal Rights’ and the controversy surrounding it.

Despite backlashes from some of her male counterparts in the industry, Isahwna has received tremendous support from her fans as well as well-known talk show host and cultural activist, Dr. Donna Hope.

“A lot of people have been trying to grapple with the idea that a woman who looks like her (pretty and sexy) would be demanding the sexual pleasure that she really should be giving. She should be the object of sexual pleasure,” Dr. Donna Hope told The Weekend Star.

“The language that she uses is what is ruffling a lot of feathers. Remember that the way oral sex is delivered, the man would have to be kneeling. The male identity is very strong and so the idea of ‘bowing’ has taken away from their power dynamic and who is in charge in the bedroom.” She adds.

Dr. Hope is of the view that the song and the timing is working in the artiste favour as the term ‘Equal Rights’ can be associated with gender activism.

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