Ishawna’s Mother Responds To Danielle D.I Claims That She Is In Jail

Mother of dancehall deejay Ishawna has sought to set the record straight following Danielle D.I’s accusations that she’s currently incarcerated.

“Yuh a talk bout mi live wid mi madda gwan chat / your mother live a jail ask the new york cops,” D.I deejayed in her latest diss track ‘Street Bicycle.’

“I was never imprisoned,” said Miss Jackie Ishawna’s Mom. “I had some minor issues with the law and was on immigration hold temporarily at one point however that was over two years ago, my lawyer was paid too, i don’t owe anyone money,” she said.


On the feud With Ishawna and Danielle D.I:

“I would prefer if she was in war with anyone, worst another female but that’s the entertainment business, how they feed their family,” she said.

She, however,  said that “Ishawna can handle herself and has a strong head, she was taught from an early age to work hard for what she wants out of life and if she feels like someone is violating, she will defend her name.”


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Look here this shit gone too far now a full time unu stop I hate to see beautiful women act like circus clowns and act like unu never grow good or go a good school, stop unu bumbo raas claat fuckery ,what about billing a sista ,empowering each other eeeee… Read more »

Most of y’all are hypocrites cause a some a unu same one did a boost them music them the other day !

Teedy Banks I’m not saying no but you can’t be mad @ them for living the life they choose to live. It’s their right and freedom n choice. Be mad at ourselves as parents and a society for not doing enough to influence the mindset of our own kids. Change… Read more »

Tejeanae Nicholas well said and parents must be role models for there own children

Which is right, and I don’t know what them a run dung