Ishawna Puts Bumper To Fan’s Forehead During Performance

Equak rights artiste Ishawna seems to have just gotten started as she sent fans into a frenzy last night during her performance in Hartford, Connecticut at an event dubbed “Equal Rights & Justice.”

“What happens next??!! Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z 😩😭😂😂😜 Thank you Connecticut!!!!! ❤️😘 Texas I’m on my way✈️ #Festivities #EqualRights #Ishawna” Ishwana captioned on her Instagram

😥#mslegendary #equalrights #ishawna

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So Jamaica stay that’s why it can’t n will never be better.. destroy our own while others abroad n elsewhere would love an accept.. a bet if any Jennifer Lopez, khia, Keri Hilson, or hot rnb singer or Rihanna come here an perform it them love it an gwan bad… Read more »

Yeah fr and all dem a talk she still a tour n a make the money dem ppl ya badmind asf

No sah…yaa go haad mi g…..dat savage baaad!!😂😂😂😂

D gal weh seh ishawna body duty , uno notice seh a she a d toughest n ugliest gal Ina d comments

Smh… Why some gyal can bad mind so? Ishawna body clean and nice, all like you need a steel wool to wash off some a your black.