Ishawna asks “Me and killa aguh war dung a Portland” in response to Bounty’s “NO EQUAL RIGHTS PERFORMANCE” statement

Short after Bounty Killer Says he wont allow Ishawna to perform her hit controversial song Equal Rights at upcoming events, Ishawna then fires back by saying “This festive baddd!!! Lol mi Neva know me and killa aguh war dung a Portland next week? 😂😂😂😂 bring it on Rodney🔫. #equalrights”

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Killa spell like spoil cabbage wen it wet mek him move him monkey face cah nuff a dem a hide n do it

Den Nuh dat a di ting..him fi guilty..a suh him aguh stop..but unu a gwan like a di way a life fi suck..weh suck a guh!!mek she suck all di hood inna r private area..but Nuh big up yuh chest like yuh live fi dat..guh cleanse up yuh self I#SHAWNA… Read more »
She fi wear it,a dem freaky gyal fuck all batty man..a fuck up all dem real family a dem yard..wah good woman Nuh deh again?anuh everybody a suck hood an pussy an freak out…real woman still deh bout..a could a even mi sister..guh have some pride.duty style caah become di… Read more »
DAT unu a seh a defend suck fi suck!!lol!since wen woman stop run weh duty man weh a tell r fi suck hood..unu Nuh ere wah lady saw seh,A BWOY WAAH SHE BOW AN SHE TELL HIM FI FLEE..dis an bow up back di man dem weh a style di… Read more »

Killa need to get a life, nah promote no man bout him going to attack her, go attack you mother in the grave… pot a cuss kettle, go sing some conscious songs stop promote badness