Ishawna Says Only Women With “Dirty Vaginas” Does Not Support ‘Equal Rights’

Controversial dancehall artiste Ishawana has taken to social media to blast females who does not support her Equal Rights song.

According to Ishawna only women with dirty vaginas aren’t supportive of her equal rights movement.

“If you’re a woman and you don’t support equal rights I think it’s safe to say that your pum pum is very dirty so it nuh good enough fi get justice!!!!! 🙄 #EqualRights #Ishawna” Ishwana captioned on her I.G account next to a video of her performing the song.

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See how fast people start understand say anything too hype don’t stay hype for long….if a guy wants to have oral sex that’s his business same for the woman as well. I don’t know when things got so public but one think I can say make certain things stay in… Read more »

So true

If she is saying that she is technically talking about her mother because her mother is a woman she really need psychological help

Dwl. U mek mi night mi na lie