Ishawna Should Not Be Banned! Mayor Defends Ishawna Says A Lot Of Men Enjoy Giving Oral Pleasure

Mayor of Port Antonio, Paul Thompson said his colleague was “wrong” to demand that dancehall artiste Ishawna is banned from performing at future shows in the parish.

“Based on the reports that I have received about her performance, she should be banned from doing future shows in this parish,” Councillor Stephen Williams for the St. Margaret’s Bay Division in the Portland Municipal Corporation.told The Star.

This came following Ishawna’s recent performance at a Labour Day stage show held at the Bikini Beach in Port Antonio, Portland.

However, according to reports by the Star Mayor Thompson seems to supports Ishawna and her ‘Equal Rights’ movements.

“I think that song gone viral since she produced it. People enjoy it, especially the women. I heard that about 96 percent of the patrons last night were women. What she is singing about so many men are involved in, but it is just that they don’t want it to be known. And at the same time, you have men who suggest that they want to do it to women in public place,” the mayor said told The Star

“First time when we were young we used to call it toast. We used to toast girls and lyrics them. Now as a man see a girl, him just stick out him tongue and gwaan wid all type of thing. It turn on some women, and it turn off some. I think we have to just leave those things.” He adds.

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Naah eat

She have no respect for her self and other women. These things should remain in bedroom. Every dutty song to ban. Clean up song better society

Some a own come on destroyed the love land we love Jamaica put out own dirty lifestyle in public space on own cannot b everybody parent ave little girl a sing line to line Major dem song should a never c day r night on went we done we say… Read more »

Its a Sin

Facts Mon🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼