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All I can say is wow, none of these two women mother must mean anything to them. I could never bring my self to talk about any human being that way let alone a woman, a mother. How can a woman’s suffering come as nothing to another woman. The things… Read more »

It’s like they have nothing to sing about anymore this shit whack bad the ladies life has nothing to do with their entertainment/fuckery..

Nadia Noble Kemarsh Newman Mckenzie BeliveinGod Seanique unfair? the both of them wrong! It nu matter who started it unu think everyone go agree seh a WHO N WHO FIRST?? That’s just down right disrespectful, it also seem like shi a glorify the woman sickness like she can’t sick! What’s… Read more »

Jayshallee Shim Reynolds

Never take one sickness and cuss them.. No one see sickness and buy it.. Wrong move… I don’t follow up these two idiots but if they are disgusting enough to draw each other mom in their little tit for tat then they are not ready for what they believe they… Read more »