ISIS shooting/Killing Ejected Parachuted Russians [Video]

videos, in which gunmen shot pilots crashed Russian Su-24 bombers. The pilots ejected from the downed plane, they began to shoot in the air.

Earlier it was reported that one of the pilots, supposedly catapulted from downed in Syria Su-24, captured by Syrian Turkmens.

A little later, there was a video that is allegedly shot one of the pilots shot down by the Russian Su-24 bombers. The footage, allegedly shot by armed Syrian Turkmens, a man can be seen in the Russian video conferencing gear. Presumably, the pilot is unconscious or dead.

Russian Su-24 was shot down on the territory of Syria. For information about the crash of a military aircraft was soon confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry. At the same time in the military made it clear that Russian aircraft videoconferencing, located at an altitude of six thousand meters, was brought down to earth.

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