Islamic group threatens to kill Sean Paul

An Islamic NGOI has called on the government to cancel a New Year’s Eve concert featuring Jamaican artist Sean Paul in Malé, after an online group threatened to kill the singer should he visit the Maldives.

According to the country’s independent news source, the NGO’s President said the ‘Tourist Arrival Countdown Show’ on December 31, would encourage youth to remain ignorant and sinful and said the state was “investing in destruction” by funding the show.

The country’s tourism ministry in an online posting yesterday assured that the show will go on, despite the threat against the artiste.

In the meantime, back home, there has been no confirmation from Sean Paul’s management team whether he will go ahead with the performance.

In a brief statement yesterday, Managing Director, Jerome Hamilton said they are currently in contact with all related parties concerning the concert to address the matter.

The death threat was posted online on December 25, in the form of a Youtube video, warning the 41-year-old artiste that he should not perform at a New Year’s Eve concert.

The video message carries the logo of a group which claims to consist of Maldivian jihadis, with links to Syria.

The threat which was written in the country’s local language, on a piece of paper that had the Islamic states flag on it, read quote: “if you visit the Maldives, the world will see your burnt and blood drenched dead body,” end quote.

Police in the Maldives have confirmed that they are investigating the video and said they will strengthen security at the football stadium where the concert is to take place.

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