J-Yungg’s new single “Meaning of Love” Aims to educate about a very serious issue

In J Yungg’s latest single entitled “Meaning of Love” he brings into focus the issue of rape. It’s a touchy issue, not always openly discussed. In 2012 statistics show that up to the period September 22 of that year 626 cases were reported. The worldwide statistics (even more troubling) is mind bobbling with large regions like the United States having up to 250,000 cases reported annually. Statistics also show that between 75 and 95 percent of rape cases are never reported. It is sadly a worldwide epidemic. What are we doing to our women? What are we doing to our young ladies? It is our duty as human beings to care, share, protect and love each other no matter what the case may be. It is a males’ duty to protect females (not stereotyping, there are a lot of strong women out there) not to harm them.

It is a brave move taken by the very talented J Yungg to bring this topic to focus, amidst all the hype currently focused on sexuality but in a jaded context. He creatively portrays three scenarios in his new single with his prime focus being to leave his listeners with a message. “She say no, she don’t know the meaning of love”, ‘she’ referring to the female victim whom he portrays as constantly trying to love but as always been let down. Still even at the end she fails to find love’s true meaning.

What is love? It may be one of the most used words, but do we actually know the meaning? Love sees no color, no creed, no race, no social class. Love! Love doesn’t discriminate nor does it hate. Love is giving a helping hand without looking for something in return. That is the true meaning of love.

The moral of the story? We must strive to protect. Protect our females, pay attention, the act of rape isn’t reversible, these are memories the victim will carry throughout their lives. She may be a young lady now, but she may be a wife or a mother tomorrow and even then the memory still lingers. Protect our women, you never what she may be tomorrow.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation”.
– Brigham Young

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