JA News: Politician commits suicide… Abrahams says Ja violent …CXC students stranded [Video]

MAY 9, 2016: Former Westmoreland Central candidate 60-year-old Faye Reid Jacobs died at hospital on Sunday night, two hours after she drank a poisonous substance… Dr. Michael Abrahams has endorsed a comment by CNN news anchor Ashleigh Banfield that Jamaica is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate… DPP Lisa Palmer-Hamilton asked a high court judge to go ahead with the trial of two persons charged with human trafficking despite the indication of their attorneys that they were contemplating pulling out of the case… Several St. Thomas students were left stranded on Monday morning as taxi operators stopped working to protest against bad road conditions…IN SPORTS: Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell says he will run the sprint double at the National Trials next month after winning the Men’s 200m at the Jamaica International Invitational on Saturday.

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